NCK Cranes

In 2012 we completed our acquisition of NCK crawler cranes.

NCK cranes were one of the last U.K crane manufacturers. We continue to supply parts, and do overhauls of NCK Machinery.

We can and will also supply information on NCK Cranes or help on all of the following machines:

305, 305B, 305C, 305D, 334B, 335T, 350B, 406, 406D, 406SP, 407, 545, 570T, 605, 605-1A, 605-1B, 605-2A, 605-2B, 605-2C, 60HT, 70D, 70DWT, 80D, 1000, 1205, 1405, 1405B, 1405C, 1405D, 1485, 1495, 1495B, 1495C

Pennine, Pennine II, C34, C34 Pennine, C34B, C34B Pennine, C40, C40 Pennine, C41, C41 Andes, C41B, C41B Andes, C41C, C41C Andes, C45, C45 Europa, C50, C50 Europa, C54, C54 Atlas, C54B, C54B Atlas, C60, C60 Ajax, C75, C75 Ajax, C75A, C75A Ajax, C75E, C75E Ajax, C110, C110 Eiger, P110, P110 Eiger, C120, C120 Eiger

HC50, HC50 Nova, HC65, HC65 Nova, HC75, HC75 Ajax, HC80, HC80 Orion, HFC80, HFC80 Orion, HC90, HC90 Astra, HC150, HC150 Olympus, HC170, HC170 Olympus, HC250, HC250 Olympus, HLA330, HLA330 Olympus, HPC-R1200.

Rapier H5, H7, H14, HS14, H17, HF17, HY17, HK30

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